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As a sports fan, I was thrilled when sports betting started to spread across the United States. However, that excitement quickly turned to concern. As online gambling platforms began the acquisition race, there there was little incentive to prioritize the policing of their sites over the pursuit of profits. Billions were spent to have A-list celebrities encourage signups for misleading 'risk-free bets', along with other deceptive promotions.18 year olds are being targeted with predatory marketing, but resources surrounding problem gambling and addiction have remained underfunded and unaccessible. 


Jeff Wassermann, Director for the Delaware Council on Gambling Problems


“To not have any additional funds when opportunities to gamble have expanded so substantially is crazy. They haven't allowed advertising for cigarettes since the 1980s; why is this any different?"

Lacking Education & Resources


School programs that focus on alcohol and drugs rarely address gambling addiction, and there are only a handful of gambling-specific treatment centers in the United States. 

The Trends Are Concerning

The National Problem Gambling Helpline Network received a 45% jump in calls this past year and experts estimate about 1/4 of adults who engage in the activity become addicted.

It's A Hidden Addiction

With most addictions, there are physical indicators that somebody may be in trouble. When it comes to gambling there are none and those suffering are often too embarrassed to seek help, only worsening the problem. 


This topic is important to me. I've seen the effects it can have firsthand through family, as well as close friends. Problem gambling can ruin relationships and alter the trajectory of someone's life.


It's also affecting the community I live in. In the first five months since legalization, Virginia quickly became the fastest state to reach $1 billion in sports betting handle, while also becoming the fastest state to reach the $200 million monthly handle mark. 



I created a free, all-in-one resource to help guide new users into the world of sports betting. We aren't telling you not to gamble, just telling you to do it responsibly.

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